What’s new at Noble Golf?

Noble Golf Neuigkeiten- Edition 10/2022

The year went by so quickly and we hardly got around to sharing all our news with you here. Nevertheless, we kept you up to date on our social media platforms - if you are not yet following us on Instagram and Facebook, we would be very happy if you "Follow" or "Like".

The year and you, our customers, meant well with us and so we can already look back on a successful year and would like to say thank you with an "End of Season Sale". 

Noble Golf News- Edition 02/2022

Bags and logo balls take off!
The new year has started again with a certain degree of uncertainty, as it is still not clear how the presence at trade fairs will be possible.

However, we are pleased that there is no uncertainty regarding our products. :) In the last few months it's mainly our logo balls offer that have experienced an enormous boom. So many of our customers have already used our offer of logo balls at the best price (starting from the first pack) and we not only enjoy printing the great pictures, but also sometimes support our customers in creating their own logo or gift motif they may need.

Our Noble Performance Hybrid Bag was also a popular Christmas present and is now also popular at the start of the season. We are pleased that the advantages of the hybrid bag for the back and trolley are convincing.

For further information and questions about all our products, we are always available via our contact field, email, or social media platforms. 

Noble Golf News - Edition 12/2021

The year is coming to an end and the most harmonic period of the year started - the Christmas period. Also this year the people in many countries are facing restrictions in terms of spending time with the beloved ones due to the COVID-pandemic situation. But we can see it also as possibility to slow down our fast life and to see the small beautiful things in our life.

 We wish all our customers, partners, colleagues and your families a peaceful Christmas season.
If you are still on the lookout for a special gift. Our logoballs are currently in SALE and will arrive you before Christmas Eve.

Noble Golf News - Edition 11/2021

October - not the best month for golf enthusiasts, unless you are living or travelling in a country where it is warm and sunny.
Nevertheless October has also positive sides for the golf community. It is the period of the year, where the focus changes to the practice part of the game to improve the skills for the next season and its also the season with the best special offers - Its the period of BLACK FRIDAY

Since 1952 this day was the start of the Christmas shopping season in US. By and by shops began to shift the start time of their sales offers earlier and earlier. Today it is not just a day, it`s a period of great offers.

Noble Golf News - Edition 09/2021

As all companies we were also impacted from the current pandemic situation in terms of the logistic bottleneck.
Even prouder we are now to present you our Noble Performance Hybrid Standbag on stock. The Noble Performance Hybrid is an organizational talent. With nine pockets and a very light construction it is a perfect benefactor for every round or training. On the cart or on the back it cuts a great figure. 

Three beautiful color combinations: Grey & Green, Blue & White and the classic Black & White assure that every golfer will find a stylish golfbag according to their preferences.

For more details, please check our product descriptions or contact us via our contact form or mail. 

Noble Golf News - Edition 06/2021

This summer seems to be a really hot summer in Europe, so we prepared a cool summer package for all the golfers. 
Our Tri-Fold Towel will help you to cool down your face and neck when the temperature is getting above the 30 degree level. Or you can use the towel to clean your sweaty hands. As tipp from us, take also more than one towels with you, so that you have enough for your clubs and for yourself.
Out Noble Ball Marker cap is perfect to assure a cool head during this summer and our Noble Advantage balls are the perfect benefactor to support you by achieving a low score even when the warm air is influencing your concentration.

For more details, please check our product descriptions or contact us via our contact form or mail. 

Noble Golf News - Edition 03/2021

easter gift golf balls golfbälle golf products

The season has started and many of you already tried our new Noble Advantage golfballs. We are really proud that the product launch was very successful and that we got so much positive feedback from our customers. That some of our customers already placed a second order shows us that our golfballs did a great performance. 

Searching for an Easter gift?

If you still need an Easter gift for your family and/or friends our Noble Advantage golfballs are a perfect decision. Together with the upcoming special easter offer we create a perfect opportunity to try our golfballs. 

Please note: Doesn't matter if you buy our products for the regular price or in sale, every product contributes our fight against the hunger in the world.

Noble Golf News - Edition 01/2021

golf balls, golfbälle, produkte, golf, products

The new year started and we decided not focusing on the challenging past, but looking forward on the exciting future.
The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help writing that story by setting goals. We at Noble Golf set our goals and as always our noble values are part of it. Beside our upcoming product launch we are also planning a charity event and much more.

Did I hear product launch?
Yes, we are short before the product launch of our Noble Advantage. Starting from mid of January we are processing the numerous preorders we got and for which we are really thankful. Short after that, beginning of February, the Advantage will launch on the website with short delivery times.

For more details, please check our product descriptions or contact us via our contact form or mail.

Noble Golf News - Edition Edition 11/2020

golfbag standbag carrybag blue white golf noble

The off-season arrived and concludes a golf year of a different kind. 
All of us were facing tense situations and challenges we guess nobody has expected end of 2020. But we are also looking back on some nice golf moments and important steps we walked along this season.

Currently we are looking forward to the first charge of our serial production. The Noble Advantage is our first product that will be available on the market beginning of 2021. Beside of that we also did some great steps in the development of our first golfbag, the Noble Performance Hybrid. We are now working on several designs, while the technical part is already released for serial production. The whole company is proud to have created a super-light bag which offers high comfort and enough storage space to use it as carry and cart bag.

For more details, please check our product descriptions or contact us via our contact form or mail.

Noble Golf News - Edition Edition 09/2020

golf equipment produkte products golf balls golf ball golfbälle

We are currently in the final phase of our golfball development. The balls have passed several tests such as spin analysis in the golf swing simulator, density test and many more. Currently, at the end of the product release, several golfers with different handicaps and demands are playing our golfball portfolio to prove the end user experience and to assure that the products are really ready for the market release in next season 2021.

Besides that we are now also starting with usability tests of our first golfbag samples. Our plan is to launch a carrybag and a cartbag which convince the goflers with leight weight, plenty of storage space and a beautiful and elegant design.

We are glad to go these steps and we are looking forward to the product launches and to spread the great feeling of playing our balls and using our noble equipment.